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Bring Your Controlled Drug Records into the Future

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The MedCheck Controlled Drug Register has been designed to bring all aspects of maintaining Controlled Drug records into the future.

It has been designed to be flexible to cater for all aspects of Healthcare and Pharmacy where the maintaining of Controlled Drug records is required. This covers all areas of Pharmacy, Primary Healthcare and Hospital Pharmacy and Ward Pharmacy.
MedCheck Controlled Drug Register accurately maintains all records involving controlled drugs, including dispensing, receiving, transferring and allocation for destruction.
MedCheck Controlled Drug Register take all the inefficient paper work out of maintaining controlled drug records, and allows printing of all reports at any time.



Saves both times and money

  • No more messy paper book Controlled Drug Register
  • Elimination of errors
  • Efficiency
  • Drug scheduling program for Methadone or other drugs
  • Easy Audits
  • Automatic balance calculation
  • Printable report function
  • Updated automatically
  • Currently permitted for use in QLD, VIC, SA, WA, NT, and ACT