About Us

Medcheck Home Medicines Review is a company owned and run by accredited consultant pharmacists dedicated to the quality use of medicine.

If you answer yes to any of the following then you are eligible for a Home Medicines Review (HMR):

  • Currently taking 5 or more medications?
  • Taking more than 12 doses of medication per day?
  • Significant changes made to medication regimen in the last 3 months?
  • Medication with a narrow therapeutic index, or requiring monitoring?
  • Symptoms suggestive of an adverse drug reaction?
  • Sub-therapeutic response to treatment?
  • Suspected non-compliance or inability to manage drug related therapeutic devices?
  • Difficulty managing medication because of literacy or language difficulties, dexterity problems or impaired sight, confusion or cognitive difficulties?
  • Attending a number of different doctors, both general practitioners and specialists?
  • Recently discharged from a facility/hospital (in the last four weeks)?
  • Recent presentation to Emergency Department?

Medcheck Home Medicines Review makes it easy to start your Home Medicines Review (HMR).
As part of good quality care, it is essential that all medicines be reviewed regularly. A comprehensive medication management review should be undertaken in accordance with the relevant professional guidelines. Reviews should involve collaboration between you and/or carer and appropriate members of the health care team, for example, doctor, pharmacist, nurse, other health care professionals. A HMR is based on a team approach that involves your General Practitioner, Accredited Pharmacist, community Pharmacy, and other relevant members of the health care team.

At Medcheck we are proud to be part of your healthcare team.
During the HMR, one of our accredited pharmacists will comprehensively review your medication regimen (including prescription and non-prescription medicines and complementary health care products). The pharmacist will discuss with you how to take yours medicines and any difficulties or uncertainties about them. The pharmacist will then provide a HMR report to your general practitioner about the results of the home visit, and your general practitioner will work out a Medication Management Plan with you . You and your General Practitioner, Accredited Pharmacist and Pharmacy are central to the development and implementation of this plan.

Medcheck Home Medicines Review makes it easy for you.